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The 3rd International Conference on "Ports, Maritime Transport & Insularity - Business, Innovation, Environment" was succesfully concluded at the Piraeus Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The overall conference objective was to highlight the vital role of ports and shipping in shaping a development strategy in the European and Mediterranean regions, exploiting the comparative advantages of the regions and improving the competitiveness of economic actors in the context of sustainable development. At the same time, the island's particular challenges regarding the design, management and operation of its port infrastructures in relation to sea connections (strengthening the connection between the islands and the mainland) was also presented. This approach is part of the European Commission's 'smart islands' strategy, which is part of the strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the conference coincides with the call for proposals for the Ports of the Future of the EU (Horizon 2020).

Previous Conferences:

The International Conference on "Smart Islands & Small Cities" was held in Athens on 22 & 23 February 2018

Featuring speakers from all over Greece and Europe, the Conference on Smart Islands and Small Cities, organized by the Aegean Energy & Environment Agency, the Network of Sustainable Greek Islands DAFNI and the energy portal Energypress, took place on 22 & 23 February at the Ionic Center in Athens. According to the coordinator Mr. Ilias Efthymiopoulos, the main target of the conference was to highlight the conditions for intelligent development at local level, define the respective roles and duties (government, municipalities, enterprises, citizens' unions, academia), as well as to present the roadmap for the supporting structures (technical and financial) available to small cities and islands by National and European funding mechanisms and programmes.

AEGEA hosts the 4th ManagEnergy Expert Mission! - 5/10/18

The first week of October has been particularly productive for AEGEA! The agency was selected to host a 3-day mission led by Julije Domac, President and REGEA Director, and Ivan Przulj, expert in REGEA.

ManagEnergy Master Class Module 2 - 23/09/18

Following the 1st Module of ManagEnergy Master Class that took place in May 2018, the Head of the Energy Department of AEGEA and Director of DAFNI Network, Kostas Komninos participated in the 2nd Master Class Module 2: mobilising banks and private investment.

AEGEA participates in FEDARENE's BoD and GA in Tipperary, Ireland with a proposal to strengthen the Federation's capacity in boosting islands' clean energy transition

For this year AEGEA had a special mission; to table a proposal for strengthening the participation of energy and environment agencies working on EU islands within FEDARENE. The proposal was presented by Kostas Komninos, AEGEA's Head of Energy and Climate Change Department and Director of the DAFNI Network, at the FEDARENE Board of Directors and gained the immediate support of the President Julije Domac and the rest of the Board members. The proposal was then presented at the General Assembly and was received positively by all members.

3 Awards for WiseGrid!!!! - 22 June 2018

June was undoubtedly a month of success for Wisegrid project which managed to win 3 awards in 2 very important events. For us in AEGEA, DAFNI Network and all partners of WiseGrid_EU, this recognition fills us with joy, satisfaction and responsibility in providing technological solutions enabling something so important as the energy transition!

WiseGrid wins the "Good Practice of the Year" Award!! - 5 June 2018

We are delighted and honored for this important award, which gives us the motivation to strengthen our efforts for the sustainable development of the Greek islands. The project was chosen as the winner in the Technology and Design category. Jury members found it particularly impressive because of its relevance in today's energy landscape and its likelihood to provide a set of solutions and technologies to increase the smartness, stability and security of an open, consumer centric European energy grid.

Vote for WiseGrid!

WiseGrid is nominated for the Citizens Award in the EUSEW18 Awards!
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AEGEA attends ManagEnergy Master Class - 18 May 2018

ManagEnergy is a European Commission initiative dedicated to regional and local energy agencies with the objectives of assisting them in becoming leaders in the energy transition and of increasing sustainable energy investments in regions and cities.

"Smart Islands Event: Creating New Pathways for EU Islands" with the support of the European Parliament - 28 March 2017

28 March 2017 marks a strong comeback of islands in the European Parliament.

The Smart Islands Event: Creating New Pathways for EU islands gathered over 100 European island representatives, stakeholders and policy-makers to officially present the Smart Islands Initiative, one that sheds light on the potential of islands to emerge as ideal territories for the deployment of innovative technologies in the fields of energy, transport & mobility, water & waste management and ICT.

During the event 36 island representatives, networks and organizations signed the Smart islads Declaration at the presence of Director General for Energy Dominique Ristori.